How to isolate, by Stephanie Erdman

Step one: Remember the way the sun was and working with your hands. Skin touched and touching, breathing unguarded moments. Cup the memories like water and drink. Step two: Let the days atrophy in you. These fluorescent days begin to seem like nights; glowing nights when you sleep. Dream of some unnamed integer, some variableContinue reading “How to isolate, by Stephanie Erdman”

How to be afraid, by Stephanie Erdman Forsythe

As we’re laying out issue five, here’s a sneak peak from one of the many fine poets in the next issue of Retirement Plan. Step one: The lizard brain sends signals to the adrenal glands, superlatives of adrenaline. Run through hero fantasies; being the one where the smoke pools, where the flames climb. The oneContinue reading “How to be afraid, by Stephanie Erdman Forsythe”