Burying Our Uncle’s Bones by E.R. Vanett

In the hour of the birds we wait. In the seasons of the times it goes by in frozen metal frames…In frozen metal frames did I but once see your face under bridges. Dark lights. Under bridges I walk and the passing streetcars fly. We announce our bodies to the lights. Then we present theContinue reading “Burying Our Uncle’s Bones by E.R. Vanett”

Grandma, sitting on her pink, plastic-covered chair, by Ed Komenda

Life is a ball of shit, she says. You’re born, she says, and you go to school, she says, and sometimes you get married and have kids, she says. You work, she says, and work and work and if you’re lucky, she says, you retire. You fall apart, she says, and no one can tellContinue reading “Grandma, sitting on her pink, plastic-covered chair, by Ed Komenda”

Resourced Human, by Paul Tanner

the automatic doors of the shop you work in never open for you like they sense a half-soul  a watered-down soul a pissed-in soul. a half-empty pint of a soul that’s been watered down with piss from years and years of working in shops where the automatic doors never open for you. but there isContinue reading “Resourced Human, by Paul Tanner”

Five Poems by Firelight, November 2020, By Lori Caskey Sigety

1.         Staycation. so stressful this autumn. grateful for time away from full-time gig and balmy weather. perfect night to burn stuff and write, solitary in sobriety rather than lonely and tipsy with a frenemy named Cab. mind is anxious but will take it over sadness. tonight, will mark fifty days I fought for serenity andContinue reading “Five Poems by Firelight, November 2020, By Lori Caskey Sigety”

Three Poems by Patricia Walsh

Three poems by Patricia Walsh Meltdown Café No redemption yet, at least some forthcoming Mere undertakings breathe its last mistakes Not wanting miracles, but you do! A scurrilous whine Burning pretences called for, smile for the camera. Not fixated by geography as left to hide Qualifications for agony fell short this time The quaint unhappinessContinue reading “Three Poems by Patricia Walsh”

Three Poems by Bruce McRae

Three poems by Bruce McRae Nexus Momentous irony in lyrical passages. Imminent transcendence. Meridians of radiance in general concordance with the what and the why and the where. I’m writing a love song in cigarette ash. It’s like bejiggering a fly-button, razzing the nexus, spinning on interwoven pinions. A song about life ministering life, aboutContinue reading “Three Poems by Bruce McRae”

Two poems by Kenneth Pobo

Overhead Call A boy in Illinois plants dahlias instead of touchdowns.  Some blooms get so large that to an ant they look like Jupiter.  Often he feels like an ant.  A vast sky slides through his ant spirit.  Another ant calls him.  He answers.  Winter taps their line and hears how spring will murder icicles.Continue reading “Two poems by Kenneth Pobo”