Retirement Plan is/was a project to introduce a DIY aesthetic into the Michiana Poetry scene. It had no online presence; I laid out, printed and bound all of the issues by myself at home. DIY zines are something we lost with the rise of WordPress, which, ironically, I’m using to host the PDFs of the four issue run. The project is on hold due to geographical reasons but I hope to resurrect it some day. In the meantime, please enjoy the issues on this site. We are now in the process of re-launching as an online publication with a print on demand option. The first issue of the Retirement Plan is set for Spring 2021.

Editor in Chief: Craig Finlay

Craig is a poet and librarian currently living in Southern Oklahoma. His poems have appeared in several dozen publications, and his debut collection, The Very Small Mammoths of Wrangel Island, is forthcoming from Urban Farmhouse Press.

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