Two poems by Kenneth Pobo

Overhead Call

A boy in Illinois plants dahlias

instead of touchdowns.  Some blooms

get so large that to an ant

they look like Jupiter.  Often

he feels like an ant.  A vast sky

slides through his ant spirit. 

Another ant calls him.  He answers. 

Winter taps their line and hears

how spring will murder icicles.

Dulcet Tones Trying to Check In

A high school senior in the fall of 1971. 

These were great days, I was told—

I’d never be this happy again.  Maybe

happiness is a hotel room,

chocolates on the bed,

only it burns down

before I check in. 

Kenneth Pobo is the author of twenty-one chapbooks and nine full-length collections.  Recent books include Bend of Quiet (Blue Light Press), Loplop in a Red City (Circling Rivers), Dindi Expecting Snow (Duck Lake Books), Wingbuds, and Uneven Steven (Assure Press).Opening is forthcoming from Rectos Y Versos Editions.Human rights issues, especially as they relate to the LGBTQIA+ community, are also a constant presence in his work.  In addition to poetry, he also writes fiction and essays.  For the past thirty-plus years he taught at Widener University and retired in 2020.

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